CE Thomas & Company, LLC Assisting with Military Transition Job Placement

A Systems Engineering Approach coupled with Design Thinking  Methods to produce Successful Military-2-Civilian Transitions

For Veterans and Military Family Menbers


Businesses want to hire more Veterans. However, the military resume is hard to understand and interpret. Currently business´ spend a lot resources to select the right applicant, validate qualifications and on-board an applicant on a hope that the fit is right.

Fact: 1.90% of applications submitted for an open position are not qualified.

2. Over 250 applications are recieved for each position. 

3. On average, recruiters and managers take less than 6 seconds to read a resume.

Veterans deserve the opportunity to be competitive. With CETVet's proven-effective processes levels the field and increases the effectiveness of the Veteran resume. 


What we offer veterans today, are exclusives opportunities to build a Veterans' SMART-RESUME, leverage a reliable network of Veteran peers & mentors and become ready and prepared to engage with veteran-friendly employers.

The Purple-Collar™  Lab enables Veterans to explore and build a career compass to make informed decisions concerning the next big step in their careers. 

Our Veterans' Design-Thinking course is proven effective resulting in providing pre-vetted, career-ready Veterans with a warm-handover to the veteran-friendly employer. Effectively placing the Right Veteran candidate in the Right Position with the Right Employer. With our military transition job placement process, we can ensure better outcomes when it comes to making civilian career choices.


We work with non-profits, foundations, institutions of higher learning as well as veteran-friendly employers to provide better outcomes for the transitioning Veteran and military family member.  

Path 1: Our Veteran intake process provides participants with first a capstone course of the VA Benefits Briefings. Then we provide the Veteran with decision making tools to build a career compass using Design-Thinking Methods.

The participant can elect to choose to remain in Path 1, and build a Veterans' SMART-RESUME-Light (VSRL) with warm-handovers to the best suited match, i.e. higher learning and employers with job offerings. At the conclusion of Path 1 intake, participants will submit their VSRL into our exclusive Purple-Collar Applicant Tracking System. (PCATS) 

Path 2/3 are for those Veterans that want to expand their horizons and participate in the full offerings of the Purple-Collar Labs. These paths are designed to giving VA- Approved pre-apprenticeship course in the form of a Design-Thinking Methodologies, and a choice of path that the Veteran themselves builds. The final results will be a fully developed VSR and on a track to success in the career of choice. Participants will have life-time access to input updated VSRs in our P-CATS.  

For Veteran Friendly Employers


Purple-Collar ™  Labs: Revolutionizing the Military Transition Experience with a proven effective, holistic approach to building your career compass.

 Assisting our partner employers with better ways to find, vet and qualify the new "Purple-Collar" workforce. 


Demystifying the New Purple-Collar™ Workforce

We provide employers specialized strategic human capital management consulting services.  

When it comes to Veteran Hiring Processes, CETVet is engaged with veteran-friendly employers and provides expert consulting services in the realm of military transition and Veteran employment. 

CETVet's high standards enables Veteran employers to Identify:


  • A clearly understood strategic direction in employment of Veterans.
  • Customer and stakeholder human capital management outcomes/goals. 
  • Strategies/objectives for accomplishing the goals.
  • An implementation plan. 
  • A communication/change management plan, if needed.
  • An accountability system.  

Purple-Collar Applicant Tracking System

Our exclusive P-CATS only consists of vetted resumes for open positions matching the best qualified candidates. Employers may receive exclusive interactions with candidates during our training courses. Each of the submitted resumes comes with an video cover letter and is guaranteed to be of high quality and engaging, 

We believe that employee engagement begins with the candidate's resume. Increasing employee engagement will also increase employee performance. 

CETVet's processes helps employers staff with high performing team-members from the start.  

Our Founder

Clay Thomas is the Founder and Managing Consultant of CE Thomas & Company (CETVet). He is a Veteran and has seen firsthand the struggles that Veterans and their families make during the transition from military to civilian careers and as a response created the PhoeniX-Factor™ process for a successful transition into the civilian workforce.

After serving 10 years in the US Military as Field Artillery NCO, He transitioned into a full-time college student and earned a BS in Aerospace Engineering. As an aerospace engineer, Clay worked on advanced engineering products in aerospace & defense industry and continued to notice the difficulties of Veterans struggling to assemble into the corporate culture such as he did. 

While obtaining his MBA, Clay developed a holistic transitioning process known as the PhoeniX-Factor™. Clay Thomas is continuously consulting with "Pro-Veteran" companies concerning the transition, hiring process, and retention of our Purple-Collar™ workforce. 

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